Make and share plans- with a few clicks

You never have to deal with awkward invitations, rejections or wait for people to respond. 

Book or post any event. Add a payment if you want. 

How it works

1. Follow friends


Follow friends to see events, (you only see what your friends want you to see) anything from exercise to a night in or out.  

2. Post your event


Post anything (for free or you can charge for it). You control who sees it and who attends.

3. Book it.


 If you see it, you have access to book it. Once booking is confirmed, address is revealed. Just go. 

Get together in a minute or less!

  • Save time!  A fun way to see who is free fast. Move on to other plans if booking expires (in 24hrs). 
  • Follow friends to see the future, not the past.

  • Recover costs or charge friends if you want (without having to ask to pay).
  • Have more control. Close your event when full (that's right -not everyone gets to come). You decide.

Why use Festi?

Be part of a community

It's not about one event, it's a network to make plans. "Find me on Festi" means let's do something sometime.  It's where you discover and plan things to do with people you like.  

FOMO No more

 Don't you want to follow friends to see what they plan to do, so that you can join them? You decide to book or not. FOMO is not a fear- it's an option. Make sure you have more options. 

Expand your network

Have you ever met "a friend of a friend"  but it would be awkward to invite them to do something? Festi makes it easy to expand your network. Just say "Find me on Festi" when you want to get together sometime. 

Keep options open

 With a click, you can cancel. No need to explain, we'll let people know. Things happen, we get it. Festi will notify everyone so you don't have to! 

See who's free

Post any idea. Last-minute coffee or casual dinner. If no one books, no one knows. Try some other time.  It's all good because every time you post, we donate $1 to charity.

See what there is to do

and if you don't see it, create it! You know a happening life just doesn't happen. You make it happen!  Hey- make sure you have lots of followers because only followers get notifications of your postings! 

Privacy and community matter to us

  • We do not track or share your information. 
  • You make a difference everytime you post. Whether someone books or not, you're helping support a charity by every posting. 

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