Make and share plans- with a few clicks

 Festi is a new way to post events (private or public) and book any activity.

You can even charge for events and get paid without having to ask.

How it works

1. Follow friends


Follow each other to see events, anything from exercise to a night in or out.  

2. Book it


 If you see it, you have access to book it. Once booking is confirmed, address is revealed. 

Just go. 

3. Post your event


Post anything (for free or you can charge for it). You control who sees it and who attends.

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Why use Festi?

Be part of a community

It's not about 1 event or 1,000 followers. It's about a group you can to connect with in person. It's where you can discover and plan things to do with people you like.  

FOMO no more

Instead of following friends to see what they did, follow them to see what you can do with them! See what you can book. FOMO is not a fear- it's an option. Have more options on Festi. 

Expand your network

Are there people you "kind of know" but you wouldn't mind getting to know better?   Just say "Find me on Festi". Whether it's a quick bite or a party you can make plans with people around you without any awkward invitation.

Have more flexibility and control

You control who has access to book your event. Close your event when "full". You can even add "B" list friends later (without them knowing). Finally, cancel if you want. Things happen, we get it. 

See who's free

Save time and anxiety. Make the first move and never get rejected. Post any idea. If no one books, no one knows. Just try another time. If you're booking, all booking requests expires in 24hrs so you can move on with other plans. 

See what you can do

If you see it, it means you're invited to book it. 

If you don't see it, create it! A happening life doesn't just happen, let us help you make it happen. 

Privacy and community matter to us

  • We do not track or share your information. 
  • We donate $1 to charity everytime you post.

Schedule things with the right people fast

No one likes dealing with schedule conflicts, awkward invitations or waiting for responses.

From getting coffee to a big event, just post it (private or public settings options). See who books.

You can set a price for your event. Money is collected when booking so you get paid without having to ask.