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Festi app

Make your events bookable. Make your life festive.

Festi is an app for private events, with a payment option. From parties to exercise, do what you love, with people you like. Fill your day with Festi.

How Festi works

1. Book

Book to attend a private event. Once the host accepts, just go. 

2. Post

Create any activity (for free or charge) and post it.  See who is free to join you. Get paid without having to ask.

3. Follow

Follow your friends.  A faster way to schedule friends and activities. Get notifications of the latest parties and events. 

See what you can do ... on Festi

Ordering pizza at Mike's $12

Watching the game at 8pm.

5K Charity Run

Join me for the run and we can get brunch after. 

Christina's cheese party $35

Cooking demo class with tasting menu

Get started today.

Here's what people are saying about Festi

Like Eventbrite for parties, except I choose who can come.

It's fun to post my own party and charge for it.  Not exactly like Eventbrite, I post my parties for my friends (but I think I can post to the public too). I can now afford a lobster fest. I much rather have $ to buy groceries, set my own menu, than deal with people bringing things. I love it. -Lisa

Cool way to find out who is free.

I made dinner reservations for 6 at a new restaurant I wanted to try. I posted my reservation on Festi. My friends who were free booked. Once I accepted everyone I wanted, I closed the event as full. It's kind of a genius way of getting all 6 spots filled with friends. I didn't get any booking requests from any strangers but I would have entertained the idea.-Joe

Getting paid is nice. Not having to ask, even nicer.

Even with Venmo, I still have to ask for people to pay me and that's a pain. I posted- "ordering pizza for dinner who's in". It's nice to know who's committed so I know how much to order. The app handled the money. I just had to accept people's booking requests. That part was kind of fun. -Christine

To schedule without scheduling.

I was meaning to get together with my friend for a long time but never got around to texting her. I saw her posting for lunch and I happen to be free that day so I just booked. It was so much easier than trying to schedule. I like anything that saves me time. -Jen

Change of plans.

I love the flexibility. I posted a bike ride Sat. and then, the next day got an invitation to go to a game at the same time (friend had an extra tix). Since no one booked my bike ride yet, I just changed the time. It was so easy.  A posting is so much less commitment than an invitation. Can't believe no one thought of this earlier. -Mike

Great for a class.

I booked a great cooking class and we never had to discuss payment. Just like Uber, payment is handled through the app. I just showed up. The automatic calendaring and directions came in handy. You don't get directions until after your booking is accepted. -Pat

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