Festi - sharing life through festivities

Connecting you to where you belong

We want to make it easier for people to get together. 

We aim to inspire you to be a part of your community in a significant way.     

What is Festi good for?

  • For hosts who are tired of waiting for rsvps. Unlike Evite or Hobnob, you get notified who is interested and you decide who attends and can close your event at anytime.
  • For people who want to charge for an activity. Unlike Eventbrite or AirBnb experiences, Festi is for PRIVATE events. You choose who sees your event and who attends. 
  • For people who want to spend less time scheduling. Unlike group texts, snaps or email, you only hear back from people who can join you.  
  • For people looking for a faster way to make plans. Unlike Meetup or Facebook, Festi shows events posted by friends, pseudo friends and neighbors. A fortuitous way to get together with people, within and outside of your network. If there is a charge, there is no need to take the extra step for Venmo, PayPal or Eventbrite. Get paid upon booking. 
  • For people who hate to commit.  What if you get an offer to do something better or you're just not be in the mood.  No problem. As a guest, you can cancel.  As a host, you can change any details until a booking is accepted. Festi is a fun way to see who is free and a crafty way to choose who to hang out with. 

A new way to fill your social calendar.

No more invitations or rsvps.  Postings are more flexible. With a posting, only people who can attend will request to book.  The host controls who, and how many people can attend. Also unlike an invitation, with a posting, you can change your mind. If plans change, just edit your posting (ie: change the time or date) before accepting any bookings. 

Asking others to pay is awkward.  With Festi no one ever has to discuss money.  Just like Uber drivers never have to ask for money. The app handles all money transactions.  Festi is a market place for "gigs" in a growing gig economy.  Share your talent, and earn some money, on your own schedule.

Festi finds out who is free.

If you have a few hours in your schedule to catch up with friends, post an event (ie: "grab a quick lunch" or "let's go get coffee").  Post it to a selected group of friends and those who are free will book. 

A unique way to discover what and who is around you. 
Festi is a smooth way to connect with acquaintances you don't have contact information. Public postings are listed within 30 miles of your location (Events Around You).   You can also find Festi Users around you.  Follow your friends and people you wouldn't mind getting to know.  Discover hidden talents in the community.  Whether you are an awesome cook or great basketball player, everyone can benefit from your passion, interest or hobby. 

The anti-dating app.

Festi is not about dating, it's about connecting to people and activities around you. But if you end up marrying someone you met through Festi - then cheers. 

Follow people you want and book their events.  You can create an activity and select to post privately to a particular follower. Festi will delete all activities and messages after the event, so make sure you exchange contact information if you want to stay in touch or... hope for the next event.


Check on the app.

Where is Festi?

Available in USA (App store and Google Play).  Beta testing in the Washington DC area.  Try it out in your location. If you are the first in the area you have the entire app to yourself with your friends. That's pretty cool. 

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