Press Release

If Facebook and Evite are outdated, what's new? Festi 5.0.

    Over 2 billion invitations have been sent on Evite and users on Facebook Pages created 38 million events in 2017. According to Gartner Inc., 50% of users will use a tablet or phone instead of a desktop for online invitations in 2018. As a result of the undeniable need to organize, promote, and schedule activities, Festi's new 5.0 version is the ideal application that greatly simplifies the process. The reservation system is blended with social media, allowing users to book and host events while employing a convenient payment option to recover their costs. The most significant aspect, however, is the flexibility of Festi. Unlike Evite or Facebook events, there are no rsvps, so people can change their minds.
     Users can be more social with less commitment by posting public or private events. Similar to other reservation platforms, such as OpenTable, guests have the ability to cancel and hosts have the ability to close events as “full.” Additionally the hosts are provided with the option to charge and manually accept each guest, a power in Airbnb, which cleverly allows them to screen attendees. 

     According to a survey at the University of Maryland, 64% of university students host events for friends at least once a month. The majority of the students, however, stated that they dislike using Facebook Events. Furthermore only 10% of users RSVP on Facebook events. Most university students dislike planning events on Facebook for several reasons, such as how the events are often ignored and the invitations are not special or personal.
     The trend for the younger audience is not Facebook, which is viewed as an outdated and controversial tool that violates privacy rights. Facebook has tried to help people organize events by creating Events in 2016, and relaunched the concept as Local in 2017, which were unsuccessful. Although Instagram and Snapchat have captured the space for sharing pictures and chatting, a large space is apparent for a more efficient way to connecting with people face to face.

      Rita Ting-Hopper, the founder of Festi, evaluated the current tools and trends in planning events. She eliminated the pain of group chats and departed from the traditional invitation system. The solution is a reservation platform with scheduling tools to help find the right people and the right time. The system is personalized with the ability to follow friends, and incorporates the convenience of Apple Pay. More than 85% of the students use Venmo to collect fees, but they have to manually ask and keep track of money from attendees. Festi simplifies the payment process by allowing users to charge for the event so when a booking is made, payment is automatically collected.
     Moreover the sharing economy is expected to grow. Festi users will be able to recover their costs or easily earn money from events and activities that are shared with friends on Festi. Activities that Festi users partake in include parties, eating, and exercising. It's an updated new way of getting together.-Nicholas Grant

About us

Festi was born out of 3 things I hate and 1 mission

#1 Group chats suck time and life out of me.

I send a group text to friends, “How about dinner Friday?” I get a response. Someone has a conflict. Someone suggests Saturday. After a bunch of messages, still nothing is planned. The constant buzz from my phone made me regret starting the chat. We’ve all been doing this workaround to get people together. There must be a better way. Festi was born.

#2 Hate invitations. 

I hate the fact that people don't respond. I wonder, are people busy or waiting for a better offer? People who said they would come didn’t show up, and others who never responded decide to show up. On the flip side, I don't respond because I don't always want to commit to go. We’ve all gone through this- from both sides. Why not ditch an invitation all together? Festi did just that.  

#3 Hate collecting money.

Asking people to pay is awkward (even with Venmo and Paypal). It would be easier if I got the money, without having to ask. Festi made that possible. 


Let technology help you connect so you can disconnect. We want to make it easier for you to get together at any time for anything. Connecting you to people and activities you care about most is what we do. 

Gather for goodness

When you post an event, we donate $1 to charity.

Charity of the month is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

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Festi is selected to go to New Orleans by the Arlington Economic Development.

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