About us

a better way to connect


With social media taking more of our time, the rate of loneliness is on the rise.

What if instead of liking pictures on your screen, you were living them.  

We believe a healthier way to connect is cultivating relationships in person.  

 We want to make it easier and faster to get together.

Festi helps you connect in real life and be a part of a meaningful community. 

It started with 3 problems


#1 Group chat

I text “Dinner Friday?” I get the first response- "sorry can't" and then a few "maybes". After a dozen of messages, still nothing's planned. 

There must be a better way. Festi was born.

#2 Invitations 

Not everyone responds. Are people busy or waiting for a better offer? On the flip side, I don't always respond because I don't want to commit. 

Why not ditch an invitation all together? Festi did just that.  

#3 Money

When I order pizza, asking people to chip in is a pain (even with Venmo and Paypal). It would be easier if I didn't have to ask. Festi made that possible. 

We've made it easier to...


Quickly find out who's free

without messaging people. Post it. 

Politely choose who can attend.

You can accept each booking requests before it expires. No one is rejected. 

Diplomatically eliminate the No's and Maybes

Only hear from people who want to come.

Confidently make the first move without rejection

You only hear "Yes" aka booking requests. No one knows, if no one books. 

Courteously "un-invite" people.

You can close your event (when full). 

Efficiently get paid without having to ask.

Payment is collected once the booking is accepted so you never have to ask.

Discreetly invite A list friends, and then expand to B list, later.

Choose who can see your event AND add and remove viewers at anytime. 

Tactfully cancel if you want. 

No need to explain. For paid events, there are different refund options. 

We need to remember that relationships are built by sharing life, not likes.

5 brightest emerging startups


Festi is selected to go to New Orleans by the Arlington Economic Development.

It's never too late to dream big, and even quit your job. I did!