Our mission

We want to make it easier to get together with people around you. We believe in connecting through activities and experiences rather than pictures. We want you to build your own community and be part of it, in a significant way. Share your time and talent because that’s what makes our community more meaningful. Whether your passion is cooking or running; post it, book it. 

Gather for goodness

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There’s an app for that: Festi spans the gap between what you love, and what you do.

     When Cristina found the demands of a full-time career in the food industry were hard to balance with a young family, she started posting and hosting events through Festi, a social media app launched in Washington, D.C., now available nationwide. As a reservation platform with an optional payment feature, Festi allowed this Cornell University Hotel Management graduate to plan boutique events which fit within the demands of her life as a mom, while also introducing her niche service to new clients, manage events, and offer targeted advertising. 

     Cristina manages the guest list and pre-charges for her speciality culinary events on Festi, explaining, “I really enjoy and appreciate the growth I’ve experienced since getting on Festi.” The benefits of Festi have not only streamlined the marketing and booking process, but have also let her experiment and test the market, raising her confidence. The best part? Festi fits her lifestyle, letting her effortlessly interface with today’s gig economy. Instead of managing the demands of a food-industry career, she seamlessly incorporates gigs into her life.

     Cristina has been able to connect with friends and meet new people, while earning supplemental income through her cooking classes, gourmet dinners, Mommy and Me lunches, and formal afternoon teas, complete with homemade scones! She is able to post bookable events to a private subset of her contacts, or open up her event to all Festi users within a select geographical region (up to 30-mile radius). Since Cristina can set the cost--or offer an event for free--she is able to track bookings and reliably recoup costs in advance.

     Another early Festi app adopter, Aakash, has no formal training in the culinary world, but found Festi offered an accessible way to cash-in on his passion. He posts extravagant Indian tapas meals on Festi, ringing in at over $100 per person. You may have seen Akash’s baptism by fire into the culinary world on the TV show, Masterchef, after picking up cooking just 3 years prior on Youtube. Festi lets Aakash pursue his passion. Aakash uses Festi to coordinate events, freeing him to create culinary experiences--instead of dealing with invites, logistical details, and fees through group emails, texts or snaps with his social circle. 

     Festi extends beyond foodie events with pros, suited to anyone wanting to share what they love, from active lifestyle events like tennis lessons and bike rides, to happy hours, or  movie nights--without the worries of who’s paying the bill. 

     Since Festi streamlines money collection in advance, upon booking, Festi avoids the awkwardness and hassles of face-to-face money exchange between friends. Festi users can collect ahead for pizza, drinks, or even private instructors. Hosts find the freedom to post more events without the worry of recouping costs. Though Festi charges a small service per charged transaction, Festi refunds host service fees for non-profits and fundraisers. Of course, Festi only collects a fee for charged events. Free events do not incur a service fee.  - Susannah Herrada

Where is Festi?

Available in USA (App store and Google Play).  Active in the Washington DC area.  Try it out in your location. If you are the first in the area, you have the entire app to yourself with your friends.  That's pretty cool.  


5 brightest emerging startups

Festi is selected to go to New Orleans by the Arlington Economic Development.

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