About us

How Festi got started.

Why Festi was created.

Social media used for social good. 

How Festi got started.

I traded a chance to buy a new car for an app. 

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Where did we come up with the idea?

Festi was born out of 3 things I hate and 1 mission

#1 Group chats suck time and life out of me.

I send a group text to friends, “How about dinner Friday?” I get a response. Someone has a conflict. Someone suggests Saturday. After a bunch of messages, still nothing is planned. The constant buzz from my phone made me regret starting the chat. We’ve all been doing this workaround to get people together. There must be a better way. Festi was born.

#2 Hate invitations

I hate the fact that people don't respond. I wonder, are people busy or waiting for a better offer? People who said they would come didn’t show up, and others who never responded decide to show up. On the flip side, I don't respond because I don't always want to commit to go. We’ve all gone through this- from both sides. Why not ditch an invitation all together? Festi did just that.  

#3 Hate collecting money.

Asking people to pay is awkward (even with Venmo and Paypal). It would be easier if I got the money, without having to ask. Festi made that possible. 


Let technology help you connect so you can disconnect. We want to make it easier for you to get together at any time for anything. Connecting you to people and activities you care about most is what we do. 

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Festi is selected to go to New Orleans by the Arlington Economic Development.