Book to attend

Catch up with friends

Book at time to eat or a cup of coffee. 

Discover new places to go

How about a backyard bbq instead of a restaurant.


with people you know.


Browse events

A mobile app showing activities posted by your friends and within 30 miles of your location. See the details of event and the host's profile with reviews.  

Follow your friends to see their postings. Connecting with people and activities around you is a lifestyle.


Make a booking request.

The host has 24 hours to respond to your request and then it expires.

Once your request is accepted, the address will be disclosed.  

Just show up. 

Payment (food, lessons, classes, other costs etc...)

If the activity has a cost, your credit card is charged when your reservation is accepted.  All payments are safe and secured through Stripe.  You can cancel anytime (refund policy shown when booking). 

Save time and keep your options open.

Once booking is accepted

  • the activity is on your calendar.
  • address shown with directions.
  • internal message capability with the host.
  • see the other attending guests. 
  • cancel anytime. 
  • if there is a cost, host will be paid.

Festi automatically handles everything for you.

Follow postings


Find people to follow by browsing "your friends" page and "users around you". 


You can post privately to selected followers.

News feed

Receive notifications of activities and events from people you follow.