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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see all events?

No. You only see what your friends allow you to see, under "Events Posted by Friends". The more friends you follow the more events you can see. For "Events around you" you see public postings from Festi Users within approx. 100 miles. Please allow location access from your phone to see postings around you.     

What happens after I make a booking request?

Once you make a booking request, the event will be moved to "Your Reservation" page, check there to see your status whether your booking was accepted.  The host has 24 hours to accept your booking and then the request expires and you are free to request again or move on to next booking.

How do I share an event with friends not on Festi?

After you post an event, a link is created for you to send to friends to book. To share, click on the share icon under your posted events and send the link by text, email, facebook, whats app etc...

Can I see who else is attending the event?

Only after your booking is accepted. Go to “Your Reservation” page to see the name of all attending guests.  However, before booking you get to see the size of the gathering 0-5, 5+ or 10+ so you have an idea if it's going to be a small or large group. 

How do I discover people?

You can search by name, school, or any information people provide in their profile (ie: fishing, baseball, musician, cook, etc...) to find friends and other people within 100 miles radius. Follow anybody you want to receive notifications of events. Make sure you update your own profile! 

What is "accept booking manually" or "automatic"?

After you post an event, you will get booking requests.  You can accept each booking request individually (manually) or you can let Festi accept all bookings automatically.  If you want to pick and choose who gets to come, choose manual. If you don't want to be bothered with booking request, choose automatic. 

Posting questions

Who sees my postings?

You can post to the public or private. Public means everyone around you within 100 miles can see it.  For private postings, you can select all your followers on Festi or specific friends.  Most importantly, after you post, you can share that event with anyone who is not on Festi by sending them a link to see and book.  Just click on the "share" icon under "My Posted Events" page.

After posting an event, what happens?

You will receive booking requests in your "Inbox" and you must accept within 24 hours or it will expire. New version- you can choose to accept people automatically, then every booking will be accepted until the maximum guest is reached. You set your own maximum guest. 

How do I update and edit my posting?

You can edit from “Your Posting” page and click on the crayon icon.  If you have a paid event and someone booked, you can not edit the time or location because the guest relied on that information when booking. Coming soon- You can message all your guests regarding any changes. 

Can I close or cancel an event after posting?

Yes and yes. Once you accepted all the people you want, close the event at any time.You can cancel any event anytime. Your confirmed guests will receive notice and full refund if you cancel. Note: After your event is closed, you can re-open the event to accept additional guests.However, once your event is cancelled, you cannot re-open that event. 

How can share my event with other friends (they don't want the app) ?

You can send them a link to book your event by text, email, whatsapp etc... Go to Your Posted Events and tap on the Share icon top right corner. Send away to as many friends as you want! As long as they have the link to your event, they can book. 

Can I create groups so I can post to certain groups?

Coming soon. You can re-post a past event which has everything saved, including your group list for that event. So go ahead and create a group for an event, you can access that event with the same group of people next time and re-post. 

Payment, fees and refund policies

Free events are free

There are no fees for free events.  

What happens if the host cancels?

If the host cancels and you paid, you will receive a full refund.

What are processing and service fees?

Free events have no fees.  For all events with a cost, both the guest and host are charged (new version 7%). You will see the exact fee amount before you book. *For charity fundraisers, Festi refunds host fee after the Give Back form is completed.   

When do I get charged?

Free events are free with no fee. As a guest, if there is a cost, your credit card is charged only after your booking request is accepted.  Transactions are safe, private and secured through Stripe, Apple Pay (new version), and Google Pay (new version).

How do I cancel my reservation booking as a guest?

Cancel button is located under “Your Reservation” page.  Refund will depend on the host’s cancellation policy. 

  • Flexible policy will allow refund if cancellation occurs before the event start time. 
  • Strict policy will allow refund if cancellation occurs before 24 hours of the start time of the event. 
  • Non-refundable means no refund available. For guests, cancellation processing fee is $1.50 for all charged events. No fee for free events. 

When do I get paid?

As a host, you receive payments deposited to your bank account, after the event (flexible and strict cancellation policies). 

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