Don't wait for the perfect event... create it.

Post your activity

Create an event (party, meal, outing, activity, class, lesson, exercise etc...) ​
Enter the details (time, place, cost or make it free).  Select posting preference: 1) private (your followers or selected followers); or 2) public (Festi users in your area).  Change your mind or mood? No problem.  After posting, you can edit the details or cancel. 

Accept requests

You control who attends. Each request will expire in 24 hours if you do not accept. You decide who and how many people to accept (1 or 10). Simply update your event as "closed" when you have accepted all the guests you want.  ​It's a faster way to find who wants to come without having to wait for rsvps. 

Get paid

Recover costs. Finally, a tactful way for friends and neighbors to pitch in on costs. Earn some money.  Why not make some money from cooking, consulting, tennis lessons, guitar lessons, or yoga class. Fundraise.

Festi safely handles all payment transactions through Stripe, Apple Pay (new version) and Google Pay (new version). Money will be securely transferred to your bank after your event.

Be creative...

start something

Book club, supper club, garage band, poker, hike, bike, or movie night.

be spontaneous

Order take out and hangout with friends. Recover cost by charging.

add pictures

Take some great photos to market your event. You can upload your own photos or use Festi's photo gallery. 

Post your "gig"

Earn money from your talent

Did any one tell you can do "that", for a living.  Try it. 


A public posting spreads the word to users in your area.


Festi safely handles all payments. You can select different cancellation policies. 

Fundraising events

Give back to charity form

Send us the details

For charity fundraising events, Festi will give the 10% host fee charged for the event, back to the non-profit organization. Provide the following information under message: 1) charity name and tax id number; 2) address of the non profit organization and 3) the amount you received for the event. The check will be mailed directly to the organization.